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The New Clans FAQs

I all to often get many of the same questions asked over and over again so I figure its best to have a FAQ area for my comic ^^ I will continually update this as more questions are asked ;D

Q: Which Character is which?

[Male] - Large long haired blue-gray tom with a dark gray patch over his left eye andy stripe going from his head fur to mid-back. His muzzle, throat, belly, and front paws are lighter gray. His eyes are deep amber. (Former Thunderclan Warrior)

[Female] - Thin white she cat with golden fur going from her forehead to her tail tip, with lighter gold outlining it. She has green eyes. (Former Shadowclan Warrior)

[Male] - Ginger tabby tom with a tan muzzle, chest and paws. He has a patch of black head fur that goes down his neck in an unruly mess. His eyes are deep blue. (Former Riverclan Medicine Cat)

[Female] - Tanish brown she cat with darker brown stripes, white belly/tail tip and under eyes, black paws and head fur. Her eyes are baby blue. (Former Windclan Warrior)

[Male] - Tall lanky silver tabby tom with white front paws, tail tip and mask. His head-fur fluffs up in a darker gray unruly mess. His eyes are green. (Former Windclan Warrior)

Q: Why did all the clan cats die?
A: If I haven't already revealed it in the comic, then I can't tell you.

Q: Which program do you use?
A: GIMP 2.6

Q: How long does it take you to make a page?
A: On average it takes 12 hours total to make a single page and I dont spend 12 hours consecutively making a page.

Q: Can I have my own character put in your comic?
A: Sorry but no. I've already got to many that won't have major roles. I won't be accepting anymore.

Q: Are the characters being possessed by dark forest cats?
A: I can't say at this point in time. Unless its revealed I can't tell you.

Q: Which characters are related?
A: So far from what we know, Tigerlily and Ghostclaw are brother and sister. Their parents are Ebonycloud(The Windclan Deputy) and Icepath(A former Shadowclan warrior).
Phoenixstep is the son of a tom named Redfang. We are unsure who his mother is. We also know that Phoenixstep is Redfang's only son.
Wolfpath has no relations that have been revealed yet.
Swanfeather has no relations that have been revealed yet.

Q: Do you have a tablet?
A: Yes I do but I don't really know what kind.

Q: Do you have an offical site for The New Clans?
A: No, not yet. Im not really sure how to make a website or how to host a gallery there. So for now, no there is not an official site and for the foreseeable future there won't be.

Q: How long do plan on making this comic, as in chapters?
A: Well... However long I keep interest in it really. So far I've planned for perhaps 30 or so chapters with at least 30 pages per chapter. So this comic may just take me years to do if I don't get bored.

Q: Do the characters have any crushes on each other?
A: As of now, no. Or at least not from what I can tell. They may show interest in one another but its up to the reader to speculate. If you think there is a spark or such between characters thats your decision.

Q: Hey Ebbs, would you ever get Phoenixstep and Ghostclaw together?
A: No. Never. Not so long as I'm the one making this comic will there ever be any slashed pairings. No male/male or female/female. End of story.

Q: What's up with the black and white spirit things on the cover of chapter 3?
A: If I haven't told you through the comic, why would I explain outside the comic? I put them there for a reason and you will learn through the next few chapters exactly what they are and why they were significant enough to put on the cover of a chapter.

Q: So, uh, what happened with chapter 3? Where are the main characters?
A: First off, if you are asking that question then you don't have a large vocabulary... The keyword to understand what is going on is PRIOR. If you have no idea what it means, I implore you, get a flippin' dictionary!!! Its not a difficult word!

Q: How old are the characters?
Wolfpatch is about... by warrior cat standards, 16 moons old. Swanfeather is 16 moons old as well. Phoenixstep is 14 moons old. Tigerlily and Ghostclaw are about 10 moons old. That roughly translates them to being fairly young adults with ages ranging from 18-23 in human years. Something like that, at least that was what I was attempting ;D

Q: Hey Ebbs, why can't I read chapter 4?
A: Because you didn't bother to go look at it. Chapter 4 is written out like a book with a picture at the top. It resumes comic format in Chapter 5.

If you have any questions that weren't answered here feel free to ask and I will add them with an answer ;D







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